Catherine of Aragon
Occupation: Queen

Dowager Princess

Marital Status: Single
Spouse(s): Henry VIII (1509—1533)
Other Relationships: Arthur Tudor
Parents(s): Ferdinand II of Aragon (father)

Isabella I of Castile (mother)

Sibling(s): Juana the Mad (sister)

Isabella of Asturias (sister)

Infante Juan (brother)

Children: *Miscarried daughter
  • Henry, Duke of Cornwall
  • Unnamed son
  • Henry, Duke of Cornwall
  • Princess Mary Tudor
  • Unnamed daughter
Other Relatives: Charles V (nephew)

Philip II (great nephew)

Katherine of Lancaster (great grandmother)

Portrayer: Maria Doyle Kennedy
"If I had to choose between extreme happiness and extreme sorrow, I would always choose sorrow, for when you are happy, you forget about spiritual things, you forget about God. But in your sorrow, He is always with you."
—Catherine reflecting on her life
Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry Tudor. She was a previous Spanish princess before marrying Henry and becoming Queen of England. She was so popular with the British that they hated Anne Boleyn for replacing her.

A pious Catholic, she was extremely religious and devoted to God. Besides this, she was considered by many as the true Queen of England and was adored by the entire nation. Many of her ladies in waiting were seduced by her husband, once even resulting in an illegitimate son named Henry Fitzroy. Although he later died, Catherine was left hurt over not being able to give Henry a son.

Catherine worked as the queen, a place at which she wanted to stay, but was demoted from the title and became Dowager Princess following her fall from favour. She was pushed off her throne by the beautiful Anne Boleyn.

For three years, Catherine was left lonely and desolate all by herself, banned from seeing her daughter and having visitors. However, she was reunited with many of her people as they visited and expressed their sympathy over her situation. She lived with her maid Elizabeth Darrell and became ill during being separated from her daughter. She continued to send Henry gifts and love him, although she was blamed for Henry's lack of a male heir and his unhappiness. The two divorced and he married Anne Boleyn, who was executed for the same reason.

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